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The zip hoodies 5 challenge winner is here!

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Ninja vs Ninja

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Ninja vs Ninja
Ninja vs Ninja, Zip Hoodies From This Challenge + Threadless Collection
Ninja vs Ninja
design by Daniel Stevens

The challenge was

Submit a design for a zip hoody.

Warm up your pencils to create designs on warm clothing.

Your challenge is to submit a design for a zip hoody. Make it funny, witty, beautiful, or dark. Make it the coolest thing the back of a garment has ever sported. Make it so awesome that once it’s on a hoodie, anyone standing behind it will miss their train stop from staring. Make it so freakin’ impressive that you’ll want to wear your hoodie backwards just so you can see the design yourself.

With that said, zip away to your desks, coffee shops, and super secret creativity nooks. It's time to design the best zip hoody yet!

PS, don't forget to design an emblem for the front!

The winner received

  • $2,000 cash

  • $500 Threadless gift code

  • $200 Amazon gift code

  • The Threadstaff will create a mini music video wearing your hoody

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