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The challenge was

Create a Wittlebee + Threadless Kids design.

Tyke, nipper, moppet, bambino. Wee ones are called lots of cute names, and they deserve to be outfitted in equally adorable wardrobes. That’s why Threadless is teaming up with kids clothing club Wittlebee to help put darling duds on stylish kids.

Your challenge is to design a unique t-shirt or one piece to be included in an upcoming Wittlebee subscription box.

Each month, Wittlebee sends a mystery box of kids’ clothes to members based on their little one’s age, gender, and dress-up style. Your job is to create a design that brings oohs and aahs on that very special mail day. Design something to fit itty bitty babies or boy or girl tots. We’ll keep this challenge open until May 24th, but designs will be chosen each month, so the earlier you get out your crayons and start drawing, the better your chances of landing inside a Wittlebee package.

The winner received

  • Every design chosen for Wittlebee + Threadless Kids will receive a 10% royalty based on the wholesale buy.

  • Designs will be chosen on March 7, April 25, and May 24, so get your design in early to be considered for each round.

  • Other designs chosen for print from this challenge will receive compensation based on the product printed on and the quantity produced.

Designs from this challenge

Wittlebee + Threadless Kids


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