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Feeling Cute

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The challenge was

Translate internet humor into wearable art.

Show us your most meme-orable designs.

Memes are the internet's inside jokes: they're quick, witty, and often pack a punch of edgy humor or unexpected wholesomeness. For your next Design Challenge, we want you to dive headfirst into the chaotic, hilarious, and sometimes downright bizarre world of memes that keeps our feeds fresh and our DMs overflowing. Whether you’re riffing on popular meme themes or crafting a visual pun that makes people snort-laugh, we want to see it!

Rather than redrawing existing memes, consider the core qualities that make them irresistible—then, twist them into your art. Imagine a piece that combines the absurdity of an internet cat with the sharp wit of a social commentary meme. Or perhaps take a beloved meme format and transform it into something new and unexpectedly artsy. Your design should be something that not only captures the eye, but also makes the viewer do a double take with a chuckle or a gasp. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries; after all, the best memes are those that tread the fine line between brilliant and "did they really just go there?"

Show us your take on the digital age's most enduring art form, and let’s turn the fabric of meme culture into the fabric of our clothes—literally.


Featured designs:

Absurd Online by frogwitch

No Banana by poorlycatdraw

Get In Loser Were Pondering Our Orbs by yipptee

Scream Forever by arcanebullshit

Challenge Details

  • First Place (1): $1,250 Cash & $250 gift code

  • Second Place (1): $500 Cash & $250 gift code

  • Third Place (1): $250 Cash & $250 gift code

  • Plus, all designs (including the first place winner) can earn up to $20 per unit on products of your design sold on, your Artist Shop, and other retail opportunities! Read more...

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