Threadless Values

Our Values

Our mission is to give the creative minds of the world more opportunities to make and sell great art. In order to achieve our ultimate goal, we believe our entire team must embody the values that represent who we are as a company. We think about these values every day and evaluate our efforts by measuring against them. Also, visit our Values Threadless Artist Shop to find awesome designs inspired by these principles, with 100% of the proceeds going to a variety of charitable organizations. If you share these values and are interested in being a part of our team, join us in spreading independent art throughout the world!

Threadless Values - Be An Artist

Be An Artist

The passion and ingenuity of artists fuel Threadless. Much like an artist, everyone on our team views their own work as an expression of their unique experiences, ideas, and perspectives. We find pieces of ourselves that no one can replicate, and those attributes inspire innovation and creativity. Great art resonates with the viewer, not only the creator.

Threadless Values - Elevate Our Communities

Elevate Our Communities

We celebrate our artists, supporters, and staff by acknowledging what makes them unique and fostering an environment where they can collaborate, grow, and do their best work. We all contribute to a community full of diverse backgrounds, cultures, identities, sizes, and unique perspectives that deserve celebration. We believe every aspect of our company should be a reflection of our diversity.

Threadless Values - Make It Real

Make It Real

We find sustainable ways to turn our community’s ideas into tangible, high-quality products. The moment we give an idea attention, we bring it to life as quickly and efficiently as we can. We don’t over-complicate things. Instead, we work together and overcome obstacles. We hold ourselves accountable to these goals and believe there is a thoughtful, creative solution to every problem.

Threadless Values - Never Stop Growing

Never Stop Growing

In order to become better versions of ourselves, we know we must take risks and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Those practices are instrumental in expanding our abilities, and allow us to fully embrace change. We maintain a creative environment where our team can be ambitious and not fear being wrong. When we aim high, mistakes are inevitable, but they teach us lessons and lead us to even greater accomplishments.