Type Tees has shut down

This isn't an easy message for us to write but we want to let you know that we ceased operations for Type Tees. We are sad to let go of our dear friend, but it’s time for us at Threadless to focus on other products.

One of those products is Artist Shops, an easy to use platform to make an online store with 100s of products. It’s completely free and we have over 78,000 people using it in the last year! If you’re looking for a place to move all your slogan-based tee designs, Artist Shops can do that too.

We thank you for all the love and support and for using Type Tees these last few years!

Jake and the entire team at Threadless

Artist Shops provides the best platform for you to sell your art online for free.

  • Create 100s of products and start selling your art online instantly
  • Make your Artist Shop unique with a customizable storefront
  • Sell to anyone in the world, or create products just for yourself