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The Onion

The The Onion challenge winners are here!

112 designs /
printed designs / 70,072 votes placed


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The challenge was

Create a design inspired by one of The Onion’s headlines.

Have you heard the latest breaking news? “Zombie Nutritionist Recommends ‘All-Brain Diet!’” “Area Grandmother Comes Forward As 'Banksy.’” And in sports, “'04-'05 NHL Lockout Enters Ninth Year.

Since 1988, The Onion has made it their mission to be the first to break compelling news stories. Their high-quality headlines give readers deep, meaningful insight into the state of our world.

Few can match the cutthroatness of The Onion reporters, who have a penchant for squeezing sources for insider information no one else can get. No matter how chaotic the newsroom gets, this publication can always be trusted to deliver up-to-date news about what the area man is up to these days. For their cutting edge work, they’ve won many prestigious awards you’ve probably never heard of.

And now’s your chance to win a major award in the form of cash and other swag by designing a t-shirt inspired by any headline on Your design can be word-free, as long as it’s an interpretation of any one of The Onion's headlines - EVER. Be sure to mention which headline inspired you in the “about your design” section of your submission.

The winner received

  • $2,000 cash

  • $500 gift code

  • $200 store gift code

  • 2 VIP passes to The Onion's 2013 AV Fest (you have to get there yourself, though)

  • Framed front page of The Onion with your face on one of the stories (The Onion gets to pick what story)

  • Your photo will be used in a future Area Man (or Area Woman) article

  • The Onion Library: as many of The Onion books as they can find

  • Signed, personalized letter of commendation from The Onion's CEO, Steve Hannah (It will be tremendously flattering)

  • Other designs chosen for print from this challenge will receive compensation based on the product printed on & the quantity printed.

Designs from this challenge

The Onion

The Onion

Since its humble beginnings as a Madison, Wisconsin student-run newspaper in the late-'80s, The Onion has become the America's most recognizable and prominent source of satirical commentary. With daily coverage of politics, technology, sports, business, entertainment and more, The Onion, along with its sister pop-culture publication, The A.V. Club, receives over 10 million monthly visitors and accounts for over 2 million Facebook fans, 5 million Twitter followers and more than half a million YouTube subscribers.