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The Flaming Lips

The The Flaming Lips challenge winners are here!

329 designs /
printed designs / 148,629 votes placed

The Flaming Lips Alien Soul Food

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The challenge was

Design a t-shirt inspired by the music of The Flaming Lips.

Every second of the Flaming Lips experience is an intoxicating fever dream—from the spaced out melodies and hazy guitars of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots to the uncharted dusky terrain of their latest album, The Terror. If you’ve ever watched frontman Wayne Coyne crowdsurf inside a giant plastic bubble at one of their ethereal live shows or hooked up four stereos to give a spin to Zaireeka, an album of four discs meant to be played simultaneously, you know: No band blends psychedelic imagination and pop euphoria quite like The Flaming Lips.

Channel the mind-bending trip that is The Flaming Lips to create a weird, wonderful t-shirt design.

Take cues from the sunny optimism of “Do You Realize?” and “Race for the Prize,” the immersive shadows of The Terror, or the acid-streaked elements of their legendary live shows to design a tee worthy of Wayne & co. You can use an existing Flaming Lips logo, no logo at all, or get creative and make your own.

Be fearless, freaked out, absurd—anything but conventional.

Pre-order the winning tee before it’s chosen. $10 for every t-shirt sold will go to the American Red Cross to benefit those most affected by the Oklahoma tornado of May 20, 2013.

Through June 30, 2013, Threadless will donate $10 from every Flaming Lips t-shirt sold to the Red Cross to support 2013 Oklahoma Spring Storms. On those rare occasions when donations exceed American Red Cross expenses for a specific disaster, contributions are used to prepare for and serve victims of other disasters.

The winner received

  • $5000 cash

  • $500 Threadless gift certificate

  • 2 tickets to an upcoming North American Flaming Lips show (travel not included)

  • Record Store Day exclusive release of Zaireeka 4-LP Vinyl Box Set

  • Signed CD copy of The Terror

  • Double-LP vinyl copy of The Terror

  • Other designs chosen for print from this challenge will receive compensation based on the product printed on & the quantity printed.

Designs from this challenge

The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips

Formed in Norman, Oklahoma, in 1983, The Flaming Lips boast lush, multi-layered, psychedelic rock arrangements with elements of space rock. They are acclaimed for their elaborate live shows, which feature costumes, balloons, puppets, video projections, giant hands, large amounts of confetti, and frontman Wayne Coyne's signature man-sized plastic bubble, in which he traverses the audience.

After signing to Warner Bros. in 1992, they scored a hit with "She Don't Use Jelly" and earned critical and commercial success for albums such as 1999's The Soft Bulletin and 2002's Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. Their 13th studio album, The Terror, is out now.