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Create a Surreally Great Design!

Is this the surreal life? Or is this fantasy?

Time to get weird. Dali & Magritte are great and all, but for this challenge? Think in terms of modern surrealism. Channel the weird art in the recesses of your mind; create something that subverts expectations and makes about as much sense as a dream does after you wake up. Fill lands of impossible geometry with strange characters going about their daily commute. Create a visually cacophonous pattern of dysmorphic townsfolk inhabiting an everyday setting, or fill a weird setting with regular dancing people. Imagine a normal family watching TV on the couch in an underwater world, or a landscape filled with limbs that exist on their own as normal beings.

The (melting) clock is ticking! Unleash the full potential of your unconscious mind and think wayyy outside the box...maybe even take a nap and see if your dreams can churn up inspiration.


Featured designs:
Great Idea by Mathiole
Half Horse Half Yogurt by Steven Rhodes
Surreal Land by Micaela Podržaj

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