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Hey DJ

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Soundtrack to a Peaceful Night
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The challenge was

Create a t-shirt inspired by your own soundtrack.

Remember the dance party that ended after sunrise, the concert you’ll be telling your grandkids about, and last Friday’s impromptu karaoke session? When you want to relive these moments, what music do you plug into? What’s playing through your headphones as you ride the subway, doodle in your notebook, or stare at your computer screen counting down the minutes until you can leave work? Take those notes and transform them into a t-shirt design that expresses your musical style.

Your challenge is to create a t-shirt inspired by your own soundtrack.

It doesn’t matter if your soundtrack is heavy metal, indie rock, or even Kenny G. Your design could even be inspired by a mix of all three! What matters most is that you create a t-shirt design inspired by the tracks that define your life’s greatest hits. Need more inspiration? Check out the Sony X Headphones, which were designed for people who love and live music.

- In addition to the design that receives the top prize, up to 5 designs may be printed and sold on Threadless
- The top 200 scoring designs will receive $25 Sony gift codes.

So crank up the volume and rock this challenge!

The winner received

  • Your design and name displayed on Sony's NYC Times Square billboard for one week!

  • $5,000 cash

  • One pair Sony X Headphones, valued at $299.99

  • Round-trip airfare, lodging, and tickets for two to a 2013 concert (you’ll get to pick your fave Sony artist once tour dates are announced.)

  • $500 gift certificate

  • $500 Threadless gift certificate

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Threadless + Sony: Your Soundtrack

Sony X Headphones

These are for the listeners. The fanatics. Put them on and rediscover your music. Don’t just love your playlist, live it. Let the world know how much your music matters with unique and stylish headphones designed by Sony.