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Digital artist Renea L. Thull drew some pictures for you. They’re inspired by all the things she loves, like nature, not-quite-geometric shapes, and mid-century design. If you’re into simple, clean illustrations, her designs will add a minimalist charm to your apparel and home decor. Use your purchasing power to help bring people together. Each design from this Cause benefits organizations building communities where people feel safe, supported, and have a sense of belonging.

Cozy Village

$35.95 $25.45

Minneapolis–based digital artist Renea L. Thull makes simple look fun and whimsical. With an affinity for mid-century design, she uses bold colors and almost-geometric shapes to illustrate all the things you’ll find in nature—flowers, bugs, birds, foxes, squirrels, and more. Her minimalist approach is a perfect fit for t-shirts and other apparel styles, as well as art prints and accessories like jigsaw puzzles.

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