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Episodic Drawing on Threadless

Episodic Drawing reveals the magic that happens under the stars at night. Her Threadless collection makes the natural world look enchanted with wild animals and plantlife basking in moonlight. Add some magic to your home and wardrobe with mystical designs on art prints, t-shirts, and more.


$39.95 $23.95

Autumn Fox

$22.95 $12.50

Winter Fox

$22.95 $12.50

Korean artist and illustrator Lea Yunk, also known as Episodic Drawing, takes inspiration from nature and the concept of magical energy. Balancing complex details with a simple, clean atmosphere, her nocturnal-themed designs show snakes, butterflies, cats, and other creatures basking in the moonlight. Explore her Threadless collection and find her mystical art on t-shirts, canvases, framed art prints, and more.

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