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Nonbinary, bisexual, and neurodivergent illustrator Dean Rodriguez makes quirky art that celebrates individuality and positivity. Their Threadless collection makes your closet less boring with bold and expressive designs that are retro-inspired, space-themed, and full of motivational phrases.

I'm Fine

$22.95 $18

Zombie Leg Day

$37.95 $34.45

Hailing from Menominee, Michigan, Dean Rodriguez is a nonbinary, bisexual, and neurodivergent illustrator with more than a decade of experience in the creative industry. Their unique perspective and approach to art is all about making people feel less alone in their weird thoughts and silly sense of humor. Their bold and playful designs create a sense of connection in the world and give off retro vibes with trippy illustrations and psychedelic colors. Embrace your quirks with t-shirts, art prints, and more from Dean’s Threadless collection.

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