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POPCORNPUNK’s silly illustrations exude a sense of fun and playfulness with puns and lighthearted humor. Throughout his Threadless collection, you’ll see cartoon illustrations of emo cats, bearded aliens, and other unique characters with human-like traits and personalities.

Cat Faces

$27.95 $25.45

Trust No Cat

$37.95 $34.45


$37.95 $34.45

Artist John David, also known as POPCORNPUNK, brings lighthearted humor and silliness to his Threadless collection. His cartoonish designs draw inspiration from animals, food, and pop culture, making for eye-catching apparel and home decor. With bold colors, dynamic compositions, and a touch of irreverence, POPCORNPUNK’s collection brings fun, care-free vibes into your wardrobe and living space.

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