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With an art style reminiscent of children’s books, Littleclyde Illustration takes you to an enchanting forest where you’ll meet cats, foxes, and even a tiny sasquatch. This artist’s whimsical, nature-inspired designs evoke themes of introspection, nostalgia, and joy.


$22.95 $12.50

Tiny Jackalope

$27.95 $16.95

Bad Kitty

$39.95 $23.95

A Quiet Spot

$22.95 $12.50

The Fog

$22.95 $12.50

Tiny Pegasus

$35.95 $21.45

Tree Hugger

$22.95 $12.50

Tiny Nessie

$27.95 $16.95

Tiny Unicorn

$22.95 $12.50


$35.95 $22

Owl & Pines

$27.95 $16.95

The Gathering

$22.95 $12.50

O, Ginkgo

$22.95 $12.50

Lifelong doodler Michelle Li Bothe, creator of Littleclyde Illustration, likes to combine analog techniques and digital drawing. She’s often inspired by the landscapes of places she’s lived, from her childhood in suburban New York to her formative years in Hawaii to her current home in Berlin, Germany. Her drawings of nature and animals bring to mind children’s books with their delicate line work and dreamy color palette.

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