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The challenge was

Design a tee about road trips.

Planes and trains might be faster, but nothing beats the thrill of packing in a car with a bunch of friends, an expertly-crafted playlist and a gigantic bag of cheese curls.

Your challenge is to submit a tee design inspired by the joy of road trips.

Get inspired by some of the weirdest roadside attractions like Dinosaur Park, Shoe Tree and the world's biggest rubber band ball or make up your own! Create fan tees for the best places you've ever had a pit stop. Design a tribute to the best road trip junk food. Or, maybe just draw a really, really neat map.

Check out what Product/Creative Director Ross Zietz might use your design for!

Hit the open road and start designing.

The winner received

  • $2,000 cash

  • $500 Threadless gift code

  • A road trip prize pack created for you by the Threadstaff. It will include an iTunes gift card to create your perfect playlist, heaps of junk food, a Threadless duffle bag and more! (valued at $300)

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