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Red Sonja 50th Anniversary Challenge

The Red Sonja 50th Anniversary Challenge challenge winner is here!

177 designs /
printed design / 8,194 votes placed

Red Sonja

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The challenge was

Capture the warrior’s fearless spirit.

Show her fierce determination and unyielding heroism.

First introduced in 1973 by Marvel Comics, Red Sonja is a sword-wielding sorceress brought to life by the creative minds of writer Roy Thomas and artist Barry Windsor-Smith. Upon her debut, she quickly captivated fans worldwide with her fierce combat skills, enchanting charisma, and signature bikini armor, typically crafted from scale mail. Over the next five decades, the superheroine has crossed over into film, television, and even role-playing games, a testament to the character's cultural impact.

Red Sonja comic book covers

In celebration of Red Sonja’s 50th anniversary, your next officially licensed challenge is to create a totally epic design paying homage to the legendary comic book character. Draw inspiration from her history, mythology, and adventures, showcasing her as a symbol of strength and female empowerment. Feel free to explore her various costume variations and iconic scale mail bikini armor, but don't be afraid to put your own creative twist on her appearance. Whether you choose to illustrate her in epic battles against formidable foes or capture her moments of triumph, the choice is yours.

Red Sonja has journeyed through various universes portrayed by renowned artists and writers. Now, it's your turn to wield the brush and unleash your artistic prowess!

Red Sonja comic book cover mockup
As part of the 1st place prize, your art could adorn a Red Sonja comic book cover!

Guidelines to Follow

  • Focus on the female empowerment aspects of Red Sonja

  • Artwork needs to stay consistent with the Red Sonja’s fantasy world

  • PG-13 level violence

  • No nudity or guns

  • Conan the Barbarian can NOT be included and is not part of this challenge

  • No use of AI

  • No direct replication of film poster or existing covers. Covers can be used for inspiration, but not exact replication


Shannon Kingston

Shannon Kingston has headed up Red Sonja Marketing and Merchandising for the past eight years.

Shannon grew up on Long Island, NY and graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Arizona State University. With her sights set on acting, she ventured to Los Angeles to pursue her career. After enjoying roles on Drake and Josh, Mad TV, Soaps, and Nip/Tuck, she was then introduced to the world of comics through Luke Lieberman.

Shannon loves working with and discovering new Red Sonja artists and cosplayers, and she considers fan engagement a top priority. Shannon will appear in a cameo in the upcoming Red Sonja film, channeling her first passion: acting.

Luke Lieberman

Mr. Lieberman relaunched the Red Sonja franchise and published over 500 comics and 100 graphic novels under the title, a number of which he has written personally. He recently produced the Red Sonja feature film. As an IP and entertainment attorney, he has expertise at all levels of media production deal-making and IP licensing. Mr. Lieberman was long a mentee of Stan Lee. Together they co-created the New York Times best-selling Audible Original, A Trick of Light, which has spawned multiple sequels and spin-offs.

Challenge Details

  • 1st Prize - Red Sonja Dynamite comic book cover + $500 cash

  • 2nd Prize - Red Sonja merchandise prize pack + $250 gift card from Threadless

  • 3rd Prize - Red Sonja merchandise prize pack

  • Plus, all designs (including the first place winner) can earn up to $20 per unit on products of your design sold on, your Artist Shop, and other retail opportunities! Read more...

Officially Licensed by Red Sonja
All approved designs from this challenge have been officially licensed

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