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    posted 3 months ago in please don't have been done, please don't have been done

  • Ah, thanks karaed - good to know! I know you guys have way more important stuff going on at HQ so didn't really want to nag. And plus, I did secretly think Jeff was bombing around on my skateboard ;-p

    posted 3 months ago in My Simpsons Prize!

  • Slate or blue. The red mouth is a bit strong got me though - either try a different red or maybe a darker grey instead. It you could try the whole thing on a red shirt but I see other people are also suggesting loads of colour ideas and if you try too many it can get confusing!

    posted 3 months, 1 week ago in 'Monstrocity' - LAST DAY FOR SCORING!!

  • Agree with the others - concept of the first is the strongest, but it needs a lot of work. Either keep in the direction you're going but push further and make it a full gym logo probably single colour, or lose the type completely and find a better way to convey the idea. Whichever way you go she needs a lot of work - the arms for one and think about some variation in line weight maybe. Maybe try a more traditional exercise pose too.

    The bike pattern is nice but not mind blowing while on the last one I don't like the use of random paint splats in place of actual design and illustration - it's an overused, unambitious tool.

    posted 3 months, 1 week ago in My First submissions tips and opinions please :)

  • I'd try blue city on the slate shirt. Maybe try a blue shirt too so the colours comes through on the building. Very cute though. I like this

    posted 3 months, 2 weeks ago in 'Monstrocity' - LAST DAY FOR SCORING!!

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