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  • This was designed for a long sleeved shirt. So print it on a long sleeved shirt!

    posted 2 years ago in Elephas Maximus

  • Please post full-size image! It would be great to see what the tiny letters say (:

    posted 2 years ago in What I Know About the USA

  • Apparently DTG printing is greener. Eco-friendlier than with screen printing, I hope this takes of successfully enough to eventually replace the use of screen printing! :)

    "DTG tshirt printing is more environmentally friendly than screen printing. ... there are no excess inks used in the actual printing and the only waste that does occur is from the occasional print head cleaning ... Then as long as waste ink is disposed of correctly, printing tshirts using the DTG method should have almost no environmental impact. Screen printing however has excess inks from parts of the stencil not printed to the tshirt ... excess inks are then washed down the drain."

    Quote from: ( And all other sources I found with a quick search said the same thing )

    posted 2 years, 4 months ago in Introducing Threadless Labs and our first experiment!

  • I'd wear this if it weren't for the doodle people and non-justified text. Bummer, this shirt would be amazing otherwise.

    posted 2 years, 6 months ago in I Want To Be Friends

  • Maybe Scarlet's eyes would look better closed?

    posted 2 years, 10 months ago in Letters to Scarlet