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  • thank you for the nice comments :) ^ ^

    posted 4 years ago in h.a.p.p.y

  • @ ali mai, i'm thinking printing it again on the back, 1. without the doll, or with the doll or i could just leave it blank :)

    posted 4 years ago in h.a.p.p.y

  • i like the background, with black on white better as oppsoed to the white on black on the tee?
    i still like it tho, so 4$

    posted 4 years ago in walk on the wild side

  • inspired by the song happy by Leona Lewis.
    a misleading title as the song is quite sad, i think.
    which is why on closer inspection my design has.
    1. a poisinous mushroom
    2. crows
    3. a man-eating plant
    4. chainsaw
    5. a weird looking evil dolly.

    please view the hi res images and the different coloured tees this design could be on :) and tell me your faves ^ ^

    1. view design:: click {here}
    2. view coloured tees:: here

    thank you!

    posted 4 years ago in h.a.p.p.y

  • ha ha thats a good suggestion! ^ ^

    posted 4 years ago in Musika