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  • Kitties were painted with photoshop brushes in conjunction with the smudge tool. We referenced screen caps of Fatso in the youtube videos. Obviously, they were too pixelated to use in the painting. -Did sample some colors with the eyedropper, but we ended up changing the lighting quite a bit to match the lighting in "3 Wolves". If you've noticed, the lighting choice from "3 Wolves" is not sane, and I love it-- the wolves are lit as if the moon (light source) is floating impossibly in the center of all 3 wolves, making the back wolf quite lit, while the front wolf is back-lit almost completely. It was fun to recreate this effect. In saying that, the emphasis actually WAS the appropriation of the existing, and not originality. Does that make it art? Haha-- I don't know. I hope it will make it a t-shirt though, because I actually really do love keyboard cat, in his original form, and the weird self-referencing cult that makes a piece like "3 Wolves" take on this whole era-reflective importance beyond the artist's original intention. We made the design because when we came up with the idea, we, and our friends said "ha! I'd wear that!". My dear parents still don't get it, and wonder why threadless lets users chose to buy it anywhere from zero to a mere $5. They're afraid to rate it, fearing that their credit card will be charged this amount.

    To see more of our art:
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    Much respect to all of the artists on threadless, who do works ranging from kitsch to fine art, and thanks to all for scoring our design!

    posted 4 years, 9 months ago in Three Keyboard Cat Moon

  • 4 color process separation. To be printed on black, or acid wash or faded, or grey/black tie die effect to emulate's best selling 3 wolf moon tee (ref:

    posted 4 years, 9 months ago in Three Keyboard Cat Moon

  • In Sweden though, horses say 'Gneg'.

    posted 5 years, 1 month ago in NAY

  • This is the sparrow who attempted to steal an apple from William Tell.

    posted 5 years, 2 months ago in spARROW