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  • I really want to reiterate and be clear that I'm talking about tipping when it comes to service industry jobs that are paid sub-minimum wage (and some others) and NOT about tipping t-shirt designers that have already sold their design to a retailer.

    I want to be really clear that I'm not saying "wah! wah! tip me! I'm a delicate starving artist!" You don't have to give me another dollar because I drew a butt and a shitty rabbit.

    I'm saying tip your waitress. I'm saying tip your bartender.

    posted 10 minutes ago in Saying "tips are degrading..."

  • As far as the shirts go, I guess if someone really wants to give an extra dollar or two, that's there prerogative. But I totally agree that there is no obligation to tip on top of product.

    posted 21 minutes ago in Saying "tips are degrading..."

  • celandinestern said:
    FoodStampDavis said:

    "When I have tipped people in the US it was never because they did an amazing job it was simply because I felt I had t."

    That's because you do have to. You're paying for a service.

    Take a restaurant, for example: You're paying the the restaurant for the food, you're paying the server to deliver it to you. That's why the check has a separate line for tip. Not tipping a server is stealing from them, basically. You didn't pay for services rendered. Standard rate is 15-20% of the tab. Generally, anything beyond that is the "hey, good job" money.

    I'm just gonna jump in here to say that is a super bullshit argument. In the friendliest way possible :) The waiter and the restaurant are not two separate entities. There is no way I can walk into the restaurant and ask to hop into the kitchen to serve the food for myself. It is not an optional thing. The waiters are a part of the restaurant's service, and as such the restaurant should pay them like it pays its other staff. I don't pay separately for the cook or the cleaning lady or the manager of the restaurant. The shitty degrading thing is that US restaurants have found a great way to guilt-trip their customers into covering costs that they should by all means be covering. So if I don't tip I shouldn't be stealing from the waiter but from the restaurant. Now knowing that the system is shitty and unfair, yes, you will probably pony up the cash because you don't want the waiter to suffer more than they already do. But that does not make it right. Here waiters get a normal wage, like anyone else, and you tip them if you think they were good. Which I firmly believe is the way it should be. This US issue is similar to that bullshit some places have of having a tax everyone has to pay on each purchase but not including it into the price tag. So you're always stuck there calculating how much the fucking thing REALLY costs.

    That rant over, on the subject of Threadless tips I really don't mind them but I don't see how they make much sense and why someone would want to pay me more for a shirt than whatever the price of the shirt is. It's a completely nonsensical feature to me. Like I walk into a store and I say 'I know this toaster you're selling costs 20$, but I'd like to pay 22$ for it. Can you just send the change to the guy who designed it?' Like, wait whut?

    Again, the system DOES suck, but punishing the server isn't the option. And the restaurant and the server ARE separate entities in that they are paid separately. What you pay for the food goes to the restaurant. What you pay in tips goes to the server. This isn't about the merits of the wage/tip system (it sucks) it's about whether or not that gets the customer - who knows this going in, generally - off the hook.

    It's not guilt. It's paying for what you buy. You DO have the option of not using a server - it's called a buffet, fast food, or staying the hell home and cooking. If you don't believe in tipping or don't want to support a system you see as corrupt, etc. but you KNOW tipping is part of that system then you. just. don't. go. The option is to abstain, not to partake and then not pay.

    There's all this talk of "should" around this tipping issue. "I should be stealing from the restaurant, not the server," "they should be paid the same minimum wage as everyone else." Agreed. But this ain't about should, it's about is. And the reality is that these server wages are below the legal minimum wage for other workers because tips are assumed and tips are taxed. You report your tip income for your taxes just like you report all other income. It's not a gift. It's not a gesture. It's income.

    Now, the system in other countries sounds preferable (as many other systems of other countries do when compared to the States) but that's kind of irrelevant. Again "when in Rome, do as the Romans do." When I'm in London I won't drive on the right side of the road and, similarly, when people visit anywhere I would expect them to tip based on however it's typically done there. It's about where you are, not where you're from.

    posted 22 minutes ago in Saying "tips are degrading..."

  • I dig it.

    posted 48 minutes ago in Feedback/ Critique

  • I should also note that my re-sub print is an April Fool's print, so it's basically printed ironically.

    Basically never listen to anything I say.

    posted 1 hour, 32 minutes ago in Are resubmissions worth it?

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