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  • I can tell you right now LCT52, after all this time (I know I'm late to your comment, sorry) but after completing the course and now working full time as a Graphic Designer, I regret nothing.

    I will tell you this though... Don't do what I did and ass about as a class clown (a nasty habit I fall into). Focus on what the teachers have to tell you because they really are giving you everything you need to know to get this job done and more.

    Don't think you're going to change the world with design, after all, it's just vectors and alignment.

    posted 3 years, 7 months ago in Shillington College, I joined it.

  • Thanks Sol and Tads! Fighting the good fight!

    posted 4 years, 1 month ago in Your country needs you...

  • I live in Australia... stares

    posted 4 years, 1 month ago in go go go

  • Good news.

    We're playing with Type and Fonts today. Mega fun running about and manipulating type of all shapes and sizes :)

    posted 4 years, 2 months ago in Graphic Design Scares Me

  • I think my problem is that after doing untrained but completely legitimate Graphic Design work for a number of companies (Brochures, Vouchers, Websites, etc), learning through all this stuff is just kinda boring me.

    Tomorrow we learn about Type. Which is something I kinda like to mess with so that should be cool.

    I really want to make one of these :)

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    posted 4 years, 2 months ago in Graphic Design Scares Me

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