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  • Ummm saying "Sebastian Bach" doesn't really clarify a whole lot... seeing as how Bach the Baroque composer's middle name was Sebastian Johan Sebastian Bach... which is probably where this joker got his stage name... other than that... different font for the text and make the bubble fit the words... like size wise

    posted 9 years ago in I Love Hair Metal

  • ooooo poor lonely bird I like it, the colors really add to the lonely mood

    posted 9 years ago in The Lonely Bird

  • Looooooove it sooooo much and obviously adding a ridiculous number of O's illustrates that.

    posted 9 years ago in Yucky

  • I love this idea soooo much! on a brown shirt or a burnt orange type color

    posted 9 years ago in Break Free

  • what do the antlers have to do with the love of God? unless of course you worship bambi... or bowlwinkle

    posted 9 years ago in ryano