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  • I've seen the rains of the real world
    Come forward on the plain
    I've seen the Kansas of your sweet little myth
    You've never seen it, no,
    I'm half sick on the drinks you mixed
    Through your true dreams of Wichita

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  • >>what's with... all the naked girl shirts?

    I agree. We need more naked boy shirts.

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  • With everyone being pushed to put the "Christ" back in "Christmas" I suggest in retaliation we put the "Ho" back in "Holidays."

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  • $.02 follows, ymmv...

    I think relationship success depends on how comfortable you are with yourself. Sounds dumb, of course, you know that, right? Well, think about all the wonderful hookups we have where we tell ourselves "Oh, s/he's got this [insert presently-mildly-annoying habit here] going on, but we're soul mates!"... only to find later that we are making ourselves miserable by not standing up for ourselves, or putting our own wants/needs/desires on the back burner. No, not everyone ends up like that, but I know that many relationships start OUT like that... and too many continue in that way.

    Yes, there is the element of 'give and take.' Don't romanticize it, though. Know who you are. Do you like wooing people, or do you prefer to be wooed? Can you tolerate someone who gossips? Are you a foodie and if so, could you get along with a picky eater? Sloppy or meticulous? Do you like poetry? Can you stand it if someone plays devil's advocate with your most hallowed beliefs?

    Often, when matters of the heart (or lust) take over, we put ourselves to the side and just enjoy the moment. You know what? There's a place for that, and it's fine if that's what you both want. But to make 'long term' work, you need to know what makes you YOU and be prepared to stand up for it b/c otherwise you're in a one-way relationship.

    So, here you are trying to figure out if you should even begin a relationship. Why not? They don't kill people. As long as you are true to yourself, you will have far fewer regrets. A little hurt goes a long way--sounds cliche but it's true. Don't expect to get hurt, but if you do, learn from it and don't turn into a curmudgeon. :-)

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  • Emo:

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