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  • This is beautiful! I'm not crazy about the rainbow cloud scarf design or the yeah attitude despite loving rainbow straps and the orange and blue but the liberty/freedom is really beautiful-more artistic designs less fluff please. I'd REALLY love Threadless to partner with the bag makers who have those (effective, USA made) stay hot/stay cold 3hour bags that come in normal and gigantic size-I can put 3half gallons of egg nog, cheeses, yogurt, and more in the big but have both sizes to prevent squishing anything.

    posted 1 year, 4 months ago in Liberty: Lunch Bag

  • I really hope the quality is better than the $180 of shirts I sent back a month ago... Because the prints were reliably awful. I only kept a couple and almost didn't keep those... I haven't worn them because they are thin and dull compared to everything else-you keep insisting that thin cheap shirt material is better but I don't agree-not when organic Texas cotton tees spun in the Carolinas cost 3bucks a piece. Every awesome shirt I wear of my 3 dozen or so from Threadless happens to be printed on American Apparel. The hoodies were the worst let down-I LOVE my AA ones but you use polyester from a Vietnam sweatshop that stink, that fade from heat when you transfer the image to the fabric, and feel awful(then have those awful ties-the only thing that could be fixed-and holes in the pocket-thanks but were you worried about cords you'd have an inner pocket or zipper so change etc wouldn't fall out-my old Banana Republic jacket has zippers to keep things secure and it's thinner than an AA hoody)-you can't possibly pretend Saturntable, Dr Hoo, and Zombies in Wonderland come near the AA cobalt Robot Renaissance in quality of base hoody or print. Ruining a good thing and resorting to sweatshop made shirts from dirty third world factories with inhumane conditions is really cheap when AA makes absolutely fabulous rich tees. I even had to send back a boys shirt because it was see-through thin-you think it's a good thing for little kids' nipples to show through? This may be my last chance for you and it's really just because I got a groupon and don't want to bother with a return request.

    posted 1 year, 4 months ago in Monster in the Closet

  • I love V-neck shirts but violet doesn't fit the design at all... The maroon is amazing... Should've stuck to a dark red crimson family color. :(

    posted 1 year, 4 months ago in Liberty

  • I LOVE the color you picked for the shirt-leaf is perfect... I would prefer more colors on the pixels but 256 might be a bit much to ask. For now.

    posted 1 year, 7 months ago in Dead Pixels

  • I'm in agreement on the ugly front UFO... When it was robot Renaissance and you took something small and awesome DIRECTLY FROM the design and let i shine, it was so wonderful... But this is awful. Even Saturntable... I've had it in my cart for hours debating shirt or hoody because that front drab image is both redundant in an adds nothing way (whereas SOUND OF GALAXY has a FABULOUS image!)...same actually with Technicolor T-rex in that you did something cool though it sorta wrecks the spirit of the shirt... But it's so bleak and monochrome and drab... This one's an easy not on my live body... Please don't strip the integrity of the pieces-you're not just hurting YOUR bottom line, you're sabotaging the artists because we aren't going to want reprints of bad front designs. That's what people talking TO US see and it means we aren't going to have a half-ugly jacket. You did it to Budi's stuff too. When it looks like dripping citrus fruit on our breasts... Sorry but that's not a place to evoke ideas of squeezing juice out.

    posted 1 year, 7 months ago in Somewhere Over the Rainbow