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  • I think it is beneficial to artists ultimately. Like I said, there's the rights issue, and secondly there's an opportunity to earn more money over the longterm through royalties and whatever licensing agreements that Threadless initiates, or ones you initiate on your own. Getting a big upfront payment amounts to short term gain, long term pain. But that's just my view.

    I think that's partly true. More than likely though, any designs I make won't ever make over $2000 on Threadless + other sites. My designs seemingly just don't sell as well. For me, it's short term pain and long term pain. I also preferred giving up my rights to Threadless. That was always a good thing to me, as it made Threadless more exclusive and special.

    But... since they're seemingly not doing as well, I understand the changes.

    posted 5 hours, 41 minutes ago in Hey, Threadfriends! By now, many of you have...

  • rodrigobhz said:

    Honestly, do you guys feel less inclined to submit new designs for the regular competition after the new payment policy? I'm just wondering... :)

    Very much less inclined. Especially as most of my prints don't seem to sell well. That said, I love makin' tees and my loyalty is almost purely with Threadless. They've paid for all of my schooling and more, so I owe 'em, ya know?

    posted 6 hours, 25 minutes ago in Hey, Threadfriends! By now, many of you have...

  • vanillablue said:<p. <="" p="">

    I also think maybe people should give the royalties some time to accumulate. Royalties have only been accumulating for a few weeks.

    Just my two cents.


    posted 9 hours, 46 minutes ago in Hey, Threadfriends! By now, many of you have...

  • See the patch that says 1972? That's his edit right there. That's straight from his manipulation of the original image.

    posted 1 day, 1 hour ago in That's A Rip! (xiv's brainchild)

  • With all the girls only stuff, I say it's ABOUT TIME!

    posted 2 days, 6 hours ago in No girls allowed. These special edition tees are for BOYS ONLY.

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