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  • Any hate for japanese cars coming through here? or is this t a mock of so many of those tuner car t shirts you see around? e.g. Corolla and Skyline on yours.... with ppl next to them... dunno, just my interpretation.. cool though.

    posted 6 years ago in Sleeping with the fishes

  • smaller rail, continue detail onto sleeve! and a little more detail on train, maybe lights in city... otherwise good work..

    posted 6 years ago in Fast life in the city

  • nice, but white or even sliver on black or dark blue would be a better combination than pink

    posted 6 years ago in If you are a star...

  • stitch on acid?.. cool $5

    posted 6 years ago in biological risk

  • i think some extreme military weapon in the bottom corner like rockets pointing at it could be cool... but would have to be about a third of the size of the heart... love it thuogh

    posted 6 years ago in On Wings