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  • 5$!

    posted 3 years, 3 months ago in Xenology

  • Ahhh yes! Thanks Ryan.

    posted 3 years, 3 months ago in anyone know who this artist is?

  • Oops. HTML fail. All times I wrote When Panda's Attack in that post got cut out.

    posted 3 years, 6 months ago in Wow, Threadless plagiarist on the front page of NYT website

  • Jason, you have a good point. Maybe Pruitt really is a few steps ahead and anticipated this sort of response. Maybe this sort of gray area of appropriation is what his art is about, and in that case, I guess it's successful. Art should ask questions and push boundaries, and the ensuing discourse is probably a good thing. I see that side of it and we're acting it out right now. I also didn't realize the panda graphic was traced from a photo by Jimyo. That makes this more complicated and actually makes it more difficult to defend as the original creation of Jimyo and AJ.

    On the other hand, Jimyo and AJ are illustrators who make a living creating images, and that income depends on them having ownership and control over their images. They heavily modified the original photo and really did make it their own.

    wasn't made by ethically questionable corporate marketing departments with tons of money, like the people who made the Marlboro ads that Richard Prince appropriated in his Cowboys series.

    is very obscure and far less iconic than the images used by Prince. I think it's a different, and less justifiable, sort of appropriation (I also realize that I used that word wrong earlier- you're right again). When most people saw the Cowboys pieces, they probably vaguely recognized them from somewhere, even if they weren't quite sure. That makes them interesting. 99% of everyone going through Pruitt's show will have no idea where that panda image came from, and so in that sense, the image is less meaningful.

    Basically, there are two possibilities: Pruitt realized was appropriated from a photo, decided to re appropriate it again, bringing up issues of authenticity and originality, and trying to push those boundaries. This would make it sort of valid art. On the other hand, he maybe saw the design, didn't think anyone would notice, and decided to use it himself. This would make him kind of a hack. In both cases, he probably owes Jimyo/AJ some royalties or something.

    posted 3 years, 6 months ago in Wow, Threadless plagiarist on the front page of NYT website

  • I love the more subdued, limited palette of the shirts. Definitely smart to embrace a different aesthetic alongside regular Threadless tees. Opens things up for different designers and different consumers.

    Although people like Morkki up there who want the bolder shirts, but on nicer materials, should probably get what they want too.

    posted 3 years, 6 months ago in Select - What would y'all like to see?