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  • This is an awesome design! I'm hoping to get it for a friend who is always quoting C&H and is obsessed with LotR.

    For those concerned about cooljohnny possibly plagiarizing Bill Watterson's style and scene, I believe that copyrights for art such as comics only apply when the person selling his or her artwork is interfering with the profits the original artist should receive (i.e. if I duplicated Watterson's comics exactly and then sold them thus taking a share of the profits he should have made had I not been offering my own version). When the item is not interfering with the sales of the original art (this t-shirt does not interfere with people buying other Calvin and Hobbes merchandise and no other comparable product exists), then it is generally not considered to be a copyright infringement. Parodies (I think this could be considered one) are also typically allowed by copyright law.

    Hope that helps anyone concerned about being unfair to Watterson by buying this T-shirt. I think it's a great design.

    posted 1 year, 10 months ago in Halfling and Wizard