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  • To tell you the truth, the mankini kind of adds to the shirt.

    I dig it.

    posted 9 years ago in who's happy today?

  • I agree with KEMMLER about the bezier curves and nodes remark... they look good and show some cerebral stimulation on your part, but unfortunately this is really more of a shirt for the select few who understand good vector programs, not the everyday viewer of the shirt.

    I would buy it regardless.


    posted 9 years ago in 002_DUCK

  • I'm a big fan of black pen drawings on white backgrounds printed onto colored shirts, so I've completely fallen for this shirt.

    gimmie gimmie.

    posted 9 years ago in Swedish Fish

  • Woah woah, I've definitely gotten stuck between the doors of the metro in Paris. So not cool.

    But great design for a t-shirt. I guarantee people who have experienced this will laugh.


    posted 9 years, 1 month ago in Listen for the Chimes . . .

  • "Woah"

    I quote the Joey Lawrence(Laurence? ah, who gives !).


    posted 9 years, 1 month ago in Tree