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  • this is a great concept well executed. "deadpan" is exactly right. obviously that's not everyone's sense of humor, but their loss.

    "he hates kites" LOL.

    now, selfishly and maybe stupidly, i do wish it had been done on a black tshirt, with certain features (including the words and flames) in various colors of glow ink. (they do have multiple colors of glow now, right?) it would be tricky to do that and still retain all of the deadpan element, but i detest white tshirts so much that i won't wear them even when they carry designs this cool. i'll admire the heck out of it online though...

    anyway, great job. threadless needs to do a "Fools!" feature more often. Probably lots of great designs are getting overlooked out there...

    posted 6 years ago in Tyger Tyger

  • and just to mix things up some more, here's a fun spin: as a gay guy, there are plenty of people out there that i want to look like AND want to sleep with. so the normal total separation between those two categories that exists for straight people, doesn't exist for that much smaller group of people, teh gays.

    AND, when i looked at the design, i took on the mentality of straight people, because i assumed the design was produced in that larger culture and not in my smaller subculture. so i assumed that the meaning of the shirt would be either one or the other, when for me personally the obvious choice would have been "duh, both!"

    all this makes me want the shirt even more, but alas, sold out.

    posted 6 years, 1 month ago in What is going on in this shirt? I am having an argument with my boyfriend about this! Help!

  • oh no, alanis actually weighed in and confirmed that you're right and your boyfriend is wrong.

    i thought the ambiguity was intentional all along.

    my first thought was that he wanted to look like the unicorn, then that he wanted to sleep with the unicorn, then i couldn't decide between them, then i thought the presence of dueling interpretations, both of which were funny and fun, was the very best feature of the shirt. then i tried to buy it, and saw that men's small was sold out already (as usual). but i only wanted to buy it after i realized it could be both.

    anyway, i'm quite surprised that wasn't the intent of the designer, but that's ok too i guess. that actually might make it even more interesting...

    posted 6 years, 1 month ago in What is going on in this shirt? I am having an argument with my boyfriend about this! Help!

  • don't knock the missing article. i think that had a lot to do also with why that comment was so hilarious.

    but yes, an exquisitely placed "u" = rofl

    posted 6 years, 1 month ago in A kiss again?

  • yes, the rainbows=gays thing is valid, but this would be such a silly way to express gayhate that I dont think very many people if anyone would actually take it that way.

    on the other hand, the "ih8" is very jarring in that font, and kindof does lead one to think "what, what is going on", which can lead one to speculate "well maybe it is gayhate, all the other alternative explanations are equally bizarre".

    I think the shirt works better without the letters at all, or with them in a different font that blends in a little more.

    my REAL problem though is with the clouds. the rainbow itself is very very nicely done, although not totally sure about the white stripe. but the clouds? they're very cartoonish and rub me the wrong way somehow.

    i say, just blow the shit out of the rainbow AND the clouds, leave off the letters, and people will get the point. but then, it's not my design is it.

    sorry to sound so negative, i think it's cool and interesting, i just had a lot to say.

    posted 6 years, 2 months ago in I Hate Rainbows