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aka Rick Crane is a 39.26 year old boy and has been a part of the Threadless community for 6 years, 4 months! he has scored 19884 submissions, giving an average score of 2.39, helping 587 designs get printed.

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  • I'm guessing Threadless did not expect such a frosty response to this tip idea and I imagine it is a bit of a knock back. Are we all coming across as a bunch of ungrateful feckers or perhaps this was just bad timing considering all the grips/concerns over the new Ts and Cs and the potential reduction in earnings.

    I feel one of the problems here is that there is quite a high level of transparency between the business (threadless) and it's customers/artists and while this is a good thing overall, it does sometimes cause a bit of friction.

    I think it is important for people to be open and honest with each other, both personally and in business. However it seems that Threadless (like most businesses) are never quite willing to bare all and admit when times are not perhaps as good. I guess the store closing and job cuts is indication enough and maybe they don't feel the need to spell it out. Like most businesses they will inevitably keep some cards closer to their chest to try and retain consumer confidence. However I think if Threadless were totally upfront about all these change rather then skirting around the issue (with fluffy, positive business speak)...

    take this paragraph for example:

    Why did we make the change? These revisions allow our artists the chance for more exposure, growth, and financial success. Providing support to artists everywhere is why Threadless exists, and we’re now able to enhance that support by offering even more opportunities to our artists.

    ...then I feel the community as a majority would be less critical, make fewer assumptions and would be generally more understanding and supportive of these changes.

    Personally I can not really comment on the new payment system until/unless I get another print but I would be very grateful of any tips/bonuses. I think we are all just going to have to give it some time to see how the dust settles. Despite all these changes IMO Threadless is still the most awesome place on the internet and I hope it can stay that way.

    posted 12 hours, 8 minutes ago in Hey, Threadfriends! By now, many of you have...

  • Hi fellow carrot cruncher :D I like the kid style and it's much better without the frame. Could make a nice greeting card series perhaps.

    posted 13 hours, 3 minutes ago in Need feedback Please! RE: Mother & Child

  • ...and there's more - reprints as well!

    posted 16 hours ago in I can't keep up with all the new Ts being printed!!

  • Not seen this one until now! Lovely and on wish list.

    posted 16 hours, 3 minutes ago in Stars and Stripes

  • Nice choice and congrats DO on another printed masterpiece!

    posted 16 hours, 4 minutes ago in MEET OUR MONOCHROMATIC WINNER! Meet R. Gegen...

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