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aka Jordy Williams is a 29.55 year old and has been a part of the Threadless community for 6 years, 4 months! Jordywilliams has scored 1707 submissions, giving an average score of 2.86, helping 32 designs get printed.

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  • hahaha yeah I thought about that after i filled in the colors. I can probably cut it down to 8 if it gets picked :)

    posted 3 years ago in Unity 2

  • The other cool thing bout this design is it has viewing pleasure for the wearer. A lot of the characters are viewable upside down :)

    posted 3 years ago in Unity 2

  • the cat is saying "Meow" btw.

    posted 3 years ago in Unity

  • Another example in a series of how I feel about the subject of Unity. We all fit together. Sort of ;)

    Available on white, black, navy and yellow

    Many colors

    posted 3 years ago in Unity 2

  • Someone brought up what I think of when I think of unity, and I think of true togetherness. Every nook and cranny of everyone fits into someone else. We are all quite different and that's great. It still fits together.

    Available on white, pink, light blue and black.

    Lots of different colors, so whatever it takes to print lots of different colors :0 Sorry if that's not possible :/

    posted 3 years ago in Unity