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  • its a nice combination of placement and composition, but i feel like it could almost include some other piece to it, i just dont know what. Maybe making one "face" particularly outstanding. I really have no idea, but it's a nice piece.

    posted 6 years ago in Escher's Mess-elation

  • this is siiiick, i wouldve bought it.

    posted 6 years ago in Attack of Literacy!

  • Just a little bit more of a close up on the main piece. And sorry, the image is kind of warped.

    posted 6 years ago in BRAIN FOOD

  • maybe some more color, and a little bit more opaqueness to give the image more fullness.

    posted 6 years ago in Entwined inside

  • Added some grotesque to a catchy phrase, and i havnt really decided on the glow in the dark yet, and the whole picture kind of blows. but the design is what counts. just let me know what you think about the design in feedback!

    posted 6 years ago in BRAIN FOOD