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  • I still think the shadow is too heavy, and it doesn't match the rest of the style. A dark gray my be preferable to black. Also, you might shrink the overall placement a bit so it's centered more nicely on the shirt.

    posted 1 year ago in POISON scoring!

  • I think your most recent Grasshopper update is the best so far. To make the reference more gettable, you might throw in some characters (maybe find out how to write "grasshopper" in Kanji or whatever)

    posted 1 year ago in WIP-Design Ideas

  • Little known fact: The "legless lizards" are actually plants.

    posted 1 year ago in Anatomy Of A Snake

  • B but with a softer shadow.

    posted 1 year ago in POISON scoring!

  • Didn't you hear? Space is the place.

    posted 1 year ago in What is the obsession with moons and spacemen!

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