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  • Oh that's a bummer, thanks for pointing that out. Guess I should go for it at another site, as it would have no chance of printing over here as it's pretty much the same thing.

    Thanks for the comments guys :)

    posted 5 days, 11 hours ago in Your heart is a garden (WIP)

  • Looking good with the new improvements. These colors looks better to me too. I'd try losing the outline on the flame, you don't need it. Same goes for the swooshy motion thing that the rotating nunchucks create.

    The other thing this drawing could benefit from is varying the line-width a bit. Right now every line has pretty much the same thickness. If you thin the lines on the inner details like the stickers on the rocket, or the folds of his clothing. Give it a shot, I think you could make this into something really awesome!

    posted 4 months, 4 weeks ago in Disappointingly low score – tell me why.

  • The biggest problem with this is people have to figure out in what order to read it. It should be clear in an instant what it says.

    posted 5 months ago in My design to Words of Wisdom challenge

  • Thanks! Personally I thought the nose-hole worked pretty nicely as the negative space of the 4. The sizing is kind of funky on all parts of the skull, so this fits right in. More teeth-like teeth is a good one. I tried that actually, but ended up not liking it, so now there's just the hint of teeth. Good suggestion though.

    Updated the adventure one.

    posted 5 months ago in Death4life & The Adventure is in here | Words of wisdom subs UPDATE

  • Anyone else? :)

    posted 5 months ago in Death4life & The Adventure is in here | Words of wisdom subs UPDATE

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