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  • Man, I dig these little guys.
    The constrast with the green clovers and the little dudes really brings it out, which makes me find no problem as to how these little guys look like.

    There's something about the design that makes you think there should be so much more, but really it's giving you what it's got. :)
    I dig, very nice.

    posted 7 years ago in I'll give you my clover

  • I don't think the nose looks funny at all. If you look at recent Japanese drawings the noses are triangular in a sense, and if it's the color that's buggin'...I think it fits well.
    It's unique, and imperfect. Just what I dig.

    And the design being brooch-like does bug me also. For a design like this, you're going to want to expand it throughout the shirt and not contain it in an oval. ;D

    posted 7 years ago in Geisha Broche