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  • I agree with chimbley and also it makes me think of Pocahontas.

    posted 9 years ago in enrich your life

  • Totally off theme and I don't like the colors. I do like the King Tut graphic though - maybe play around some more with it?

    posted 9 years ago in ladies love the tutter

  • Yeah be careful with the pasty placement on the actual product, although I don't think Maxim will go for this I think it's funny! Probably wouldn't wear it, but definitely a good one.

    posted 9 years ago in Pasties, Baby!

  • I didn't realize either. The design just looks boring, but could probably be turned into something cool.

    posted 9 years ago in Spicy Bouquet

  • A little too slutty to be chosen for the concert I think, but awesome

    posted 9 years ago in for my pleasure