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  • Access Virus TI Polar Synthesizer


    posted 9 years ago in Synthesizers

  • humour? if youre mortal then die
    seriously, i think it's rather poor, ugly typeface and the graphical approach is dull. But i'm not a fan of these kind of word jokes in general so you would have to handle it pretty unconventional to win me over. But in this case it looked like zero effort. if you want more word/slogan jokes then submit them at OMG.

    posted 9 years ago in I'mmortal

  • Geography??? yes but the shirt doesnt really say enough in that context, so countless smartasses will come over and explain the nort-south pole thing. Good funny concept try to improve it

    posted 9 years ago in Geography???

  • $5 and i think #2 or.. they all make sense, nice presentation

    posted 9 years ago in HanaHaru

  • Haha are they holding toothbrushes? i love how they are kinda leaking
    vacuum cleaner could use some extra attention, maybe look for a reference picture of a real one in a more recognizable angle and maybe the vacuum hose can be positioned more interesting, maybe even wraped around his leg since he mus thave been jumping and turning around :)

    i try to be constructive on what i love $5

    posted 9 years ago in Argh Ghosts !