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  • I used to watch it all the time, I mean I was a sucker for tv anyway but for me personally it was kind of a big deal. So returning to it years later with the main kid as the dad, that's just strange and I'm not sure it'll work.

    I think the problem is the show will be focused on the daughter but fans of boy meets world really wont give a crap about her, we just want Cory, Topanga, Mr Feeny, Eric and Shaun.

    But most of that cast are just going to be cameos, I dont really understand who this show is aimed at because their obviously trying to get us fans who grew up watching it (who are now adults) interested but their also trying to attracted a new audience who doesn't have that attachment to the characters we do.

    Also that show went for 7 seasons when the average kid com goes for 4 seasons which makes it feel like their messing with something special.

    I don't know how I feel about it, I'll have to watch a couple of episodes when its out.

    posted 1 week, 6 days ago in Girl Meets world trailer

  • Where can we see it (other than here?)

    posted 2 weeks ago in I started a comic

  • posted 3 weeks ago in shaq gifs

  • Shaq approved.

    posted 3 weeks ago in shaq gifs

  • Mennonites would be perfectly suited to life after the Apocalypse, other than having to build up their defenses it wouldn't be a massive difference from the life they live now.

    As for the show in relation to the comic the entire terminus storyline has very little to do with the comic, cannibals are touched on but there not as organised as this group.

    In fact I was convinced terminus was going to be a replacement for Alexandria so these last two episodes were a bit of a shock to me.

    posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago in Walking Dead Season 4 Talk

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