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  • *coupon code, not couple

    posted 4 years ago in THE THREADBUNNIES CAMETH!

  • Ironically, I should have recognized the drinking man and found that one first, as I live in the U-District! Gah! (I totally thought that one was in Pikes place too).

    Anyway, finding the Seattle Public Library box was awesome. After striking out at the troll and needle (both were long gone) I was wondering if I'd find any at all or if I just spend an hour chasing nothing.

    But Jimi's box was long-gone as well... so definitely all have been removed from their intended homes.

    rbthatcher, did you tape a box to the troll's nose? That nose opening isn't very big.

    I'm guessing the other 3 were discovered by non-threadless hunters, just random people walking by who picked them up. The other locations were high foot-traffic locations, so anyone could have found then and we'd never know. :)

    Thanks for doing this rbthatcher! Maybe next time I could help you find some new hiding spots? And thanks to threadless for always being awesome. Going to have to get shirt #11 or #12 with this couple... (I can't remember how many I have now.) heh

    posted 4 years ago in THE THREADBUNNIES CAMETH!


    posted 4 years ago in This Weekend! Bunny Boxes!

  • "so, like, I just got this awesome tattoo on my arm!"

    posted 4 years, 8 months ago in Threadless Yearbook: Missy (8/3)

  • And by "in the list" I meant the list of large-size controllers.

    posted 5 years ago in The Gaming Revolution