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aka Nat is a 24.93 year old girl and has been a part of the Threadless community for 7 years, 7 months! she has scored 576 submissions, giving an average score of 3.06, helping 9 designs get printed.

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  • It's clever, but not something I could picture wearing..

    posted 6 years, 8 months ago in Chestbone connected to the...

  • Blatant rip off, seen this sketch floating around online for months and months

    posted 7 years, 2 months ago in I Can Always Make You Smile

  • It's a good design, but I wouldn't wear it. Especially on a colored shirt, I think it would only work on gray or black

    posted 7 years, 2 months ago in eye of the beholder

  • Woot, I got my exchange sorted and now this is being sent :D

    huzzah, threadless customer service is A+

    posted 7 years, 2 months ago in Oh, NOW you print this.

  • I absolutely love all of your work. I'd wear this or any of your other 3 most recent in a heartbeat! Hell, I'd pay select price for one.

    Print please!

    posted 7 years, 2 months ago in It's Been A Pleasure