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  • Simplicity is good, but this design is tooooo simple (and has no concept)

    posted 1 month ago in Critics are welcome

  • It is a good design, but it is not for everyone. For example, I do not understand what it means

    posted 1 month ago in The anti "I heart NY" design

  • I thought it might be fine. It is Threadless oriented, cute and well done

    posted 1 month ago in Well, this happened.

  • Morkki said:

    Being a man is the easiest thing. I don't know if it's different for bearded guys standing on rainbow roads though. Whatever that means.

    Nope! This is a bearded man who have a easy life!

    posted 1 month ago in Be a Man

  • Wharton said:
    Ryder said:
    franco.iannarelli1 said:
    taz-pie said:




    nope (sorry)

    Why sorry? NOPE! :) eh eh

    posted 1 month ago in Be a Man