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  • yes. i have to agree on placement. Centered!

    posted 7 years ago in laundry day

  • What are their hands doing? The boy's hand looks a bit awkward. What are they leaning on?

    posted 7 years ago in Boys & Girls

  • haha! I had no idea a color couuld be sexist. Many girls hate blue. Is that sexist? Gotta laugh! GreaT DESIGN! I would enjoy this more if the gun were Bright green or orange!

    posted 7 years ago in Carrying a concealed amusement

  • yeah! I am pretty sure we all get that it is based on that fable. BUT Why is the tortoise son going to race the hare again when his father or whoever already won the race? I don't get your point. Shouldnt the rabbit be the one with wings in his second attempt at racing the tortoise?

    posted 7 years ago in The next generation

  • this is an awesome concept.... I ride coin-ops on a regular basis. But, no smoke ever comes from them unless they are broken and if I stuck my tongue out, I would be in danger of chomping it off.

    Remove tongue

    Remove smoke

    THEN it would be a sure buy!

    posted 7 years ago in Rocket Girl