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  • i like it but, id rather not have people going "your shirt is so lame" because of the pun, but its a very nice job.

    posted 8 years ago in crabapple

  • I love it! really funny, but the guy does look strange.

    posted 8 years ago in The Sleeplessness

  • I love it! Very nice job!! I wouldnt wear it except maybe at home but this is excellent!

    posted 8 years ago in Hope, Humanity & Compassion

  • Too small, and it is placed weird. maybe if it were a bit larger you could leave it in that place. It needs some color as well. I wouldnt buy it but its a cute idea.

    posted 8 years ago in A golden afternoon

  • I really like it but dont have the man cover the word man. And as it was said before the word can is way to small. But its great, otherwise.

    posted 8 years ago in can pig?