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  • The thing that stuck out to me the most is the grey shadow on the bottom left planet. I think it should be more blueish and not just an opaque color.There are a lot of different colors going on- maybe try narrowing them down to a few less.

    posted 6 months, 3 weeks ago in Constructive criticism appreciated-

  • This is very cute :)

    posted 7 months ago in Hula-Hoop Zebra

  • It looks strange to me having the red color overlap the hand. Maybe try adding one more color to the flame to give it more dimension like the hand. Good concept though!

    posted 7 months ago in Change plan.. I need help, for this WIP

  • Oh I love this! I would definitely buy it. I say, the more cats the better :)

    posted 7 months ago in Cats cats cats- scoring!

  • I love the detail, but I'm not sure if it's got the right graphic edges to be on a shirt. Maybe try incorporating some basic borders (could be other objects) around it so it sits better on the shirt.

    posted 7 months ago in What do you think about angry cat?