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  • I've actually seen some look cool on one of these, but then the fact that they must have practiced to look cool on a dance machine makes them a loser.

    It pretty much cancels itself out...

    posted 8 years ago in Dance Dance


    I would like to have this muchly!

    posted 8 years ago in MyNewBestFriend

  • that guy totally looks like Pete Wentz!

    I love those people's style. haha.

    why does what i just wrote seem weird when I read it back?


    posted 8 years ago in dandelion love wishes


    I will have one.

    And everyone will envy me.

    or not.

    but i shalt envy myself.

    yeah $5

    posted 8 years ago in Child of the 90s

  • I like it because its stupid :D

    posted 8 years ago in i eat poo