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  • okay, in response to the title "life is so short"
    SHUT. UP.
    its the longest thing you'll ever do.

    posted 8 years ago in Life is so short..!!!

  • its disturbing how i can see the middle dictators crotch. its kind of freaking me out.

    posted 8 years ago in ballet

  • thats cute. it looks like it could be an ad for blood donating or parenting or something.. i dont know but i love it.

    posted 8 years ago in Helpin Hands

  • i agree, good poster bad t shirt. i wouldnt be caught dead with it on. the man looks indie, and at this moment thats bothering me.

    posted 8 years ago in Jack an Zoe

  • love it. love it. love it. top 3 for me definately

    posted 8 years ago in Lucky