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  • i also liked the original colour you had here previously for pet door. if i remember well i like it more than the two options you have right now. but from those two i prefer the blue and silver one.

    posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago in My "Ideas blog" :) - "Pet door" is up for scoring!

  • when i look at it seems to me that the deer is looking up, so doesn't make much sense that the lasers are pointing down. you should do the same direction as the stare. and maybe you could try to fade the bottom of the deer, in a way to blend with the t-shirt colour.

    posted 3 weeks ago in Resubmission for a drawing challenge

  • in my opinion, i did like more the sketch than the final work, because the wolf's face is more visible. not being a typical wolf you should show more than you hide. as it is now it took me some time to realize what i was looking at. also i'm curious to see how this work on a t-shirt, and the placement you did choose for it.

    posted 3 weeks ago in Little Red Riding Hood - SCORING NOW!

  • gambit is my favourite character from x-men. i'm glad you have included him.

    posted 4 weeks ago in A to X! + Camo

  • funny. i like it.

    posted 4 weeks, 1 day ago in My design for geek chic challenge