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jacktherabbit on Nov 29 '06 at 11:11pm Die Hannabear Die... just kidding but seriously... die

spacesick on Dec 14 '06 at 12:16am the way I remember it is with a little song

(to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star)

hanna only has one h
hanna only has one h
she may have two a's and n's
h's aren't a's or n's
hanna only has one h
hanna only has one h

you're probably next:
(this doesn't always go in order)
-iPear he writes the most pointless blogs. nuf said.
-goodinyoudies what can i say? he made me an offer i couldn't refuse. ;)
-Ryan because he's uber, duh. also he always says stuff about my away msgs. he's going to make me a legendary margarita one day. plus, he has a poofy dog.
-Pete kitty knitting company, duh!
-phones because he buys genius refrigerators by himself.
- nicole because we are going to take over the world together with our knowledge of children's books and taste in music. SHE'S GNOMETASTIC! "i'm giggling because you keep giggling!" "no, i'm giggling because YOU keep giggling!"
- Khol because she's really nice and she lives near me? :D
- Randy we talk like every day and know each others schedules. plus, i'm his bitch and he's making me. hahaha KIDDING!
- swintpoof she's just plain awesome man.
- ueno
- kevinwells behavior/thought twins? macn cross the nation (and canada) duh.
-martiandrivein Ritual and Rationalization: Black Folklore in the Works of Ralph Ellison

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